The Municipality of Montasola

In Sabina, a few kilometers north of Rome, you can find Montasola. A charming village nestled on top of an isolated hill, it seems to have been founded in 1191, at the time of Celestine III, according to what an inscription embedded in the fa├žade of the parish church dedicated to Saints Peter and Thomas reports. Sperandio, a very famous historian of the 18th century, makes mention in his text "Sabina Sacra e Profana, antica e moderna" of 1789, of the important hospital founded in Montasola in 1712 by Francesco Cimini.

Between History and Culture

Inside the aforementioned parish church is an interesting fresco depicting Mary and Jesus enthroned, with St. Peter on their right and St. Francis on their left. The altar named after Our Lady of the Rosary is also interesting, especially the beautiful carved wooden frame. Special mention should be made of the cemetery church of S.Maria delle Morelle, located where Laurum was supposed to have stood. This sacred building has a 14th-century facade embellished with marble inserts depicting lions, eagles and other animals, probably from classical buildings that existed in the area.

The olive oil DOC PDO

The economic and social life of Sabina can well be said to revolve around a single and inimitable product oil. Sabina is one of the Italian regions that has obtained the DOC DOP recognition for the production of olive oil.
Generally from late October to mid-December in the villages it is possible to taste must and new oil. It is possible to visit the frantoi (mills) where the oil is extracted and taste the Bruschetta, toasted bread seasoned with garlic and oil.