Itineraries in Sabina

Sabina, a land rich in beauty and resources, characterized by its many places of artistic and cultural interest. Every corner of this land speaks of history and majesty. Everywhere one can discern traces of past history.

The territory of Sabina is in fact inextricably linked to the history of Rome, suffice it to say that the birth of Romulus and Remus, the brothers to whom, according to legend, the foundation of the eternal city is due to Rea Silvia, the woman after whom Rieti was named. But also to the very famous episode of the Rape of the Sabine Women, or even famous phrase dating back to the third century B.C.: " The Romans knew wealth for the first time the moment they subdued the Sabine."

Because of its historical path and unique characteristics, Sabina has always been a popular destination for lovers of tourist and nature itineraries . For this reason, Agriturismo Montepiano has thought of some special programs for lovers of alternative itineraries.

Here are some of them:

Nature and thematic itineraries: The culture of water

Duration: One week
The itinerary includes visits to:

- The Farfa River and its source,
- The modern reservoir "Le Capore" that feeds the pipelines of the aqueduct serving Rome.
- The Velino River in Rieti
- Lake Turano, Salto, Scadarello and Rascino
- The hot springs of Cotilia and Cottorella
- Wildlife reserves, where it is possible to observe migratory animals(Tevere Farfa Nature Reserve )

Archaeological Itinerary: Roman Sites

Duration: One week
The itinerary includes visits to:

- Old Roman cities: Trebula Mutuesca, Cures, Rieti, Forum Novum
- Romanesque churches: Vescovio, Santa Vittoria
- Farfa Abbey (archaeological museum)
- Megalithic tombs ( Osteria Nuova)
- The Villa of Bruttii Praesentes ( Scandriglia)
- The Salt Road: Antrodoco, Posta, Rome
- The baths of the Roman emperors Titus and Vespasian (Vicus Aquae Cutiliae)
- Romanesque Bridges. Rieti and Casaprota

Spas in and around Sabina

Duration: Two weeks in the months of June and October
The itinerary includes visits to:

-A few Km.from Montasola, in a modern and well-equipped facility we find the thermal baths of Cotilia whose waters are used to cure numerous diseases.
-About 80 Km from Montasola, we find the famous and very well-equipped thermal baths of the beautiful city of Viterbo.