Cooking Classes

Peace and tranquility are essential elements for a vacation to find oneself after a stressful period of work. But it is also true that in the long run a relaxing vacation can prove boring for people who are usually used to a more active and busy life.

That is why at Agriturismo Montepiano Maria Letizia, with the help of many local ladies, organizes Mediterranean cooking courses, available for the entire period of your stay. Our course is not just any course, it is really sui generis, as it does not involve schools and desks as in the academic conception of teaching, but is offered directly at the various local homes, where the hosts will reveal their personal tricks and recipes

Practical lessons

A complete course lasts 6 days and includes the teaching of theoretical notions, which is fundamental and necessary to prepare a solid base from which to start, and practical lessons, where you can practice and experiment with what you have learned and put into practice the tips and tricks learned from the teachers.

Agriturismo Montepiano's cooking classes are a great way to season one's vacation in contact with nature and allow one to rediscover the tastes and colors of a cuisine that we often tend to overlook recently, in favor of concoctions from other parts of the world, which make us forget the origins that Italy can boast of.

Course duration: 6 days

Participants: minimum 4 - maximum 10